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ADD-ADHD Treatment Programs
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Success Stories from individuals who have struggled with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Processing Difficulties and Organizational Difficulties that have been written about HELP.

pdf_iconHelp With Learning

We Change The Way You Learn
HELP changes the way you learn, from a scattered right-brained, one thing at a time approach, to a more left-brained multi-tasking linear style of learning. HELP is a private drug free center serving adults and children with learning/processing problems.

pdf_iconPartnership NW Magazine Story

PartnershipNW Magazine
HELP was one company featured in this magazine that profiles some of Portland’s most dynamic non-profit organizations.

pdf_iconAmber’s Story – The Gresham Outlook

Amber’s Story – The Gresham Outlook
A story that the Gresham Outlook wrote. It features a former HELP student Amber, who was taking Ritalin for her ADHD before coming to the HELP program.

pdf_iconThis Week (Oregonian)

This Week (Oregonian)
This is an article that was written in the early years of the HELP program. As well as talking about the way the program was set up back then, it also tells the inspiring story of Bill Hartner, the founder and president of the HELP program, his challenges growing up and the overcoming of those obstacles.