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Help for ADD/ADHD Radio Program

The following are links to MP3 audio. They are archived programs from HELP’s appearances on KPDQ’s Northwest Showcase series. Each show features a live and informal discussion between the host and Bill Hartner. Questions and comments are taken from listeners who call in. Each program is approx. 30 minutes.


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HELP Program Success Story
Bill Hartner on Northwest Showcase, KPDQ FM

Dr. Janet Howard, OHSU pediatrician and mother of a 16 year old HELP graduate discusses her daughter’s success after completing the HELP program.
Note: This is a special 5 min. excerpt from the original full length program.

Right Brain vs. Left Brain
Bill Hartner on Northwest Showcase, KPDQ FM

An adult caller discusses how she was diagnosed in her 50s with ADD, how things take her a long time to complete and how she misses social cues. HELP Director Bill Hartner discusses his own childhood and young adulthood dealing with dyslexia. Mr. Hartner discusses the left brain “file system” and the right brain “pile system.”

Why Smart Kids Fail
Bill Hartner on Northwest Showcase, KPDQ FM

HELP Director Bill Hartner discusses how while the names of the diagnoses have changed since 1984, the symptoms of HELP students have remained very similar. He explains the MAP (Multiple Abilities Profile) test and discusses why smart kids fail and how to tell if it is a matter of “Can’t “or “Won’t”. The reasons why tutoring won’t work if information processing isn’t effective is also addressed.

An Alternative to Medications
Bill Hartner on Northwest Showcase, KPDQ FM

Bill Hartner, HELP’s director, answers the question of why a student would spend time and effort completing an assignment and fail to turn it in. He discusses the side effects of psychotropic drugs and relates that a HELP parent was told that she was the problem for not medicating her child. HELP therapy has allowed many students to reduce or eliminate the need for medication.

Real Changes
Bill Hartner on Northwest Showcase, KPDQ FM

The mother of a 30-year-old adult currently in the HELP program talks about the changes she has observed in her son. Bill Hartner, HELP’s director, discusses right-brained learners in a left-brained world. Bill addresses the reasons for procrastination as well as what HELP does to correct rather than accommodate learning and processing difficulties.