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Brain Power Program Results for ADD/ADHD and Other Learning Challenges

Pre-Program and Post-Program MAP Test Result Graphs

HELP has tested over 8000 adults and children and treated over 3000 of those tested with dramatic results. Below is only a small representation of the pre-program and post-program test results of our students. Areas of focus during testing: Visual Sequencing, Visual Memory, Visual Abstraction, Auditory Sequencing, Auditory Memory, Auditory Abstraction, Verbal Production, Visual Motor Memory, Visual Motor Learning, Integration, Non Verbal Concepts, Concentration.

Click on the text links below each graph to see the before and after test results for these students.

Valerie_Results_ThumbClick Here For Details
Name: Valerie
Age: 16

Click Here For Details
Name: Jordan
Age: 7

Faye_Results_ThumbClick Here For Details
Name: Faye
Age: 9

Matt_Results_ThumbClick Here For Details
Name: Matt
Age: 27

Manny_Results_ThumbClick Here For Details
Name: Manny
Age: 12

Hannah_Results_THumbClick Here For Details
Name: Jason
Age: 10

James_Results_ThumbClick Here For Details
Name: James
Age: 36

Paul_Results_ThumbClick Here For Details
Name: Paul
Age: 62